If you are not on Facebook, are you missing out?

It is hard to remember how i spent my downtime each day prior to Facebook. It is almost robotic how I find myself automatically fiddling with the app on my iPhone without even realizing it. And yet without it how would I be able to keep up with the whereabouts of my close friends?

Facebook has more than 845 million users around the globe, a mind-boggling figure when you consider how much data that is – and how many times someone has thrown a sheep at me or requested that I join FarmVille.


However despite the large user base, There are those that refuse to join Facebook, the main argument that I often hear is to avoid addiction or for security reasons, to avoid having personal information online. But what are they missing out on?

1. Less small talk.Status updates allow me to quickly catch up on close friends activities so that when I see them in person, rather than wasting time on the ‘what have you been up to?’questions we head straight to ‘how were cocktails last week?’ or ‘loved the photos of little Joey’ or ‘when did you get back from your trip?’ Facebook is a small talk saver.

2. Social gatherings. Without check ins, event invites or status updates how would you find out about the next girls catch up or boys night out? The organizer would need to use two different types of communication channels just to spread the word around!

3. Building a personal band. Facebook allows you to build a brand for yourself, highlighting your interests, your music or movie tastes, books you are reading etc If security is set correctly to avoid those drunken photos where you were carried out of a bar, than potential employes or even love interests get a snapshot of what makes you tick.

4. keeping in touch with more people. Sure, you have 200+ friends and don’t talk to half of them, but onside hat you do talk to will know that you recently upgraded your car, donated blood or went to the footy.

5. Find out about new things. Whether you see a friends recommendation about a new book, movie or even bar to go to, Facebook has the ability to broaden your horizons.

I am not suggesting that everyone join facebook and waste hours posting every mindless movement, but just to test the waters and see if it can add value to your day, whether you are a fan (pardon the pun) or not.


(image courtesy of http://visual.ly/obsessed-facebook)

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