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GoPro Hero – the action camera for non-action heroes.

01_PDP_Hero_Carousel1_DYesterday GoPro announced a global release of a new camera aimed at the casual user – at half the price of their flagship product, the GoPro 6. The new camera is simply known as Hero – that’s right, no number.

I am the target audience for the Hero. I have been using its predecessor since 2014 but found it was lacking the features I needed to use it more than a few times a year – it is easier to pull out a smartphone which has a viewfinder and sharing options. Buying the $600 GoPro 6 was not viable as I don’t use it enough.

GoPro Hero 2014 vs 2018

That’s why I jumped at the chance to get the Hero. At just $299, it is a much cheaper alternative for the rest of us casual users. It also packs all the key features of the GoPro 6 – a 2inch viewfinder, Wifi capability, time-lapse photography, full HD video and 10mp photos as well as voice activation commands so you can say ‘GoPro take a photo’ when you don’t have your hands free.

It also comes with Quick Stories – the camera sends your footage to your smartphone via the Quik app and then even edits the highlights into a short video which you can share instantly. So pack this little camera on your next weekend away, day out to the beach, or girls trip and you will have automatic shareable stories without spending hours in the editing room.


So what’s missing from the Hero compared to the GoPro 6? It doesn’t have 4k video, and comes with less range of time lapse options and a different processor – not features the casual user will miss. On the plus side, it is compatible with all the existing GoPro mounts and accessories so no need to rekit.

GoPro is sending a message that it can cater to users of all levels – it is time for the rest of us to join the GoPro movement.

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Why I am not too old to play Pokémon Go

I must confess that I have never seen an episode of Pokémon. But when I saw my social feeds cluttered with news that the Pokémon Go app had launched in Australia, and had friends ask me if I wanted to go hunting, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Here is why I got caught up in all… Continue reading Why I am not too old to play Pokémon Go

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Why the Kardashians have more business sense than you think

They are the family at the centre of more Entertainment news than the Royal family. In fact, they are the Royals of Hollywood – or to be specific, Calabasas, California. And they built their empire through a series of business savvy, strategic business decisions and controlled news streams. But how exactly did they do it and do they deserve more credit for their empire? Here are 4 reasons why the Calabasas family is media smart….

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A survival guide to starting your first blog

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5 DONTS of travelling with gadgets

1. Your ipad is NOT for taking photos on your holiday. Yes, we know it has a camera on it – but that doesn’t mean it is for taking shots standing in front of the Leaning tower of Pisa or the Eiffel Tower, blocking the shots of everyone standing behind you. Plus, you are basically alerting… Continue reading 5 DONTS of travelling with gadgets

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Why we all wish we had a minion

They have amazing dance moves. They are available for parties. They have awesome pick up lines. They always clean up after themselves. They are just as easily distracted by a sale as the rest of us. They are ready to help in an emergency. Check out the Minions trailer.

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Random thoughts of a casual traveller

As I sit at Sydney international airport I can’t help but see how far tech-toys have become ‘the norm’ when it comes to the casual traveller – those that travel overseas once every few years. Spanning the terminal, the tables are awash with gadgets: tablets are so 2011, macs and assorted laptops are now taking… Continue reading Random thoughts of a casual traveller

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The Blue Mountains – getting away from the rat race for a weekend

My happy place is a rainforest setting, with a tranquil river flowing and sunlight breaking through the trees. I make it a point to get away each year to somewhere that resembles my happy place – my favourite being the Blue Mountains.

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Why Uluru should top every Aussie’s bucket list

Most Australians favour an overseas adventure to a holiday in their own backyard. However there are some places in Australia that boast a beauty that is found in no other – one of those places is the Red Centre, Northern Territory. And the heart of the Red Centre, all 863 metres of it, is Uluru. Uluru is… Continue reading Why Uluru should top every Aussie’s bucket list

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Travel Must Haves Apps for your iPhone

Travelling the world has become a smaller place thanks to the digital age – however it can still be daunting when you are travelling overseas and having to find ways to overcome the language barrier, navigate your way around a strange city or even finding a bed for the night. Dealchecker have put together this neat little infographic… Continue reading Travel Must Haves Apps for your iPhone

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