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Streaming services and which one to choose

Australians have, on average, spend $30 a month on streaming services according to With the recent addition of two new streaming services – Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus we may see this figure rise, or we may see services fail and bow out of the market. In the meantime how do we choose… Continue reading Streaming services and which one to choose

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Harry Potter

Events in Wizards Unite – a first look

A first look at the event screens in Wizards Unite and my first Confoundable. More details posted here once we learn more. The event is on for 5 days and gives you details on what you are catching. This one has a Forbidden Forest theme and Hagrid is on hand to walk you through it.… Continue reading Events in Wizards Unite – a first look

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Harry Potter

Wizards Unite: top 5 tips

Following on from my initial review two weeks in, here are some further tips for the latest Harry Potter mobile AR game, Wizards Unite. Currently available in Australia and New Zealand. Maximize your gold coins This is the currency of the game. You need it to expand inventory or buy supplies. There are some ways… Continue reading Wizards Unite: top 5 tips

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GoPro Hero – the action camera for non-action heroes.

01_PDP_Hero_Carousel1_DYesterday GoPro announced a global release of a new camera aimed at the casual user – at half the price of their flagship product, the GoPro 6. The new camera is simply known as Hero – that’s right, no number.

I am the target audience for the Hero. I have been using its predecessor since 2014 but found it was lacking the features I needed to use it more than a few times a year – it is easier to pull out a smartphone which has a viewfinder and sharing options. Buying the $600 GoPro 6 was not viable as I don’t use it enough.

GoPro Hero 2014 vs 2018

That’s why I jumped at the chance to get the Hero. At just $299, it is a much cheaper alternative for the rest of us casual users. It also packs all the key features of the GoPro 6 – a 2inch viewfinder, Wifi capability, time-lapse photography, full HD video and 10mp photos as well as voice activation commands so you can say ‘GoPro take a photo’ when you don’t have your hands free.

It also comes with Quick Stories – the camera sends your footage to your smartphone via the Quik app and then even edits the highlights into a short video which you can share instantly. So pack this little camera on your next weekend away, day out to the beach, or girls trip and you will have automatic shareable stories without spending hours in the editing room.


So what’s missing from the Hero compared to the GoPro 6? It doesn’t have 4k video, and comes with less range of time lapse options and a different processor – not features the casual user will miss. On the plus side, it is compatible with all the existing GoPro mounts and accessories so no need to rekit.

GoPro is sending a message that it can cater to users of all levels – it is time for the rest of us to join the GoPro movement.

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Fabio the Elf – Year 2

Fabio is back! After sailing through the Carribean and leaving a trail of wenches in his wake, Fabio felt it was time to get back to work. And so we find him return to our house to determine if it’s inhabitants have been naughty or nice. He made the most of his journey – this… Continue reading Fabio the Elf – Year 2

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Fight like a girl: why the Wonder Woman movie is so badass

The Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman movie has given us a superhero that is refreshingly compassionate and has a certain innocence to counterbalance her superhuman strength and fighting skills. What struck me the most about the 2017 self-titled blockbuster is that it’s fight scenes ar so delightfully stunning  – from the opening scene on ‘Paradise… Continue reading Fight like a girl: why the Wonder Woman movie is so badass

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Harry Potter

A call out to wizards and witches – Wizardfest is here.

Wizardfest is coming to Australia and we now all have a reason (do we need one?) to pull out the ol’ dress robes and costumes to party with fellow fans and muggles. The May event is being held in Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide with other major cities to follow later on this year. With Butterbeer,… Continue reading A call out to wizards and witches – Wizardfest is here.

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