Streaming services and which one to choose

Australians have, on average, spend $30 a month on streaming services according to With the recent addition of two new streaming services – Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus we may see this figure rise, or we may see services fail and bow out of the market. In the meantime how do we choose which service to keep?

Netflix is the market leader in Australia with more than 4 million subscribers, followed by Stan. However Disney Plus has a large volume of content including its entire back catalogue of classic and modern Disney movies, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic. All for $8.99 a month. This is definitely one to watch as a potential rival to Netflix.

Baby Yoda is a can favourite on The Mandalorian – one of Disney Plus Originals.

Apple TV Plus contains roughly a dozen shows, all originals, with more coming each month. At a cost of $7.99, it doesn’t give as much bang for your buck as the other services, but each show is distinctively different, original and contains some stellar casts including Oprah, Jennifer Anniston, James Momoa and Reece Witherspoon.

A quick summary of each streaming service available in Australia:

Netflix – the king.

Stan – a close second to Netflix.

Amazon Prime – wide range of horror movies, dark comedies and classic movies.

Hayu – all the reality tv you need.

Apple TV Plus – will come to its own in 2020 as more titles are released.

Disney Plus – this is a must for any family or Star Wars or Marvel fan.

FOXTEL Now – the Foxtel streaming service – for those not able or wanting to get FOXTEL satellite.

Kayo – the Netflix of Sports. It includes a long list of sport shows and events, from rugby, NRL, tennis and NBA to the light saber championship.

My take on the streaming services: try them out for a couple of months and then see if you can whittle them down to three or four favorites.

Events in Wizards Unite – a first look

A first look at the event screens in Wizards Unite and my first Confoundable. More details posted here once we learn more.

The event is on for 5 days and gives you details on what you are catching.

This one has a Forbidden Forest theme and Hagrid is on hand to walk you through it.

These Confoundables earn you greater XP, have a potion ready to make sure you don’t lose them.

They appear as purple beams of light on the AR map.

Stay tuned as we learn more about these events.

In the meantime check out my Wizards Unite review – Two weeks in. Or get tips to level up.

Wizards Unite: top 5 tips

Following on from my initial review two weeks in, here are some further tips for the latest Harry Potter mobile AR game, Wizards Unite. Currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

  1. Maximize your gold coins

This is the currency of the game. You need it to expand inventory or buy supplies. There are some ways however to get gold coins without in-app purchases.

  • Complete your daily tasks. You can easily earn five gold coins a day by meeting these tasks.
  • Opening the app and playing each day. Daily treasures are surprise gifts you receive simply by opening the app each day. Some days these are gold coins. Simply for doing nothing.
  • Level up – each time you level up you receive a bunch of scrolls and gold coins.
  • 2. Keep brewing potions

Keep a potion on the boil whenever you can. You will need to stock up on healing potions and invigoration draughts before entering a fortress.

3. Maximize XP

Use a Brain elixir which will increase the XP you earn for 30min on all the Confoundables you catch. Combined with a casting potion will help ensure you earn maximum XP and level up faster.

4. Dark detectors

Similar to a lure in Pokémon Go, this is attached to an Inn rather than yourself, so you can use it when you are hanging out at an inn for 30min. It attracts Confoundables to you, and combined with step 3 can help you level up faster.

5. Battle as a group

Get your friends together and enter a fortress. You will have a greater chance at winning challengers. Especially if you all have different professions.

There you have it. Hopefully at least one of these will help you become an even better Wizards Unite player, and help solve the Calamity.