Wizards Unite: top 5 tips

Following on from my initial review two weeks in, here are some further tips for the latest Harry Potter mobile AR game, Wizards Unite. Currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

  1. Maximize your gold coins

This is the currency of the game. You need it to expand inventory or buy supplies. There are some ways however to get gold coins without in-app purchases.

  • Complete your daily tasks. You can easily earn five gold coins a day by meeting these tasks.
  • Opening the app and playing each day. Daily treasures are surprise gifts you receive simply by opening the app each day. Some days these are gold coins. Simply for doing nothing.
  • Level up – each time you level up you receive a bunch of scrolls and gold coins.
  • 2. Keep brewing potions

Keep a potion on the boil whenever you can. You will need to stock up on healing potions and invigoration draughts before entering a fortress.

3. Maximize XP

Use a Brain elixir which will increase the XP you earn for 30min on all the Confoundables you catch. Combined with a casting potion will help ensure you earn maximum XP and level up faster.

4. Dark detectors

Similar to a lure in Pokémon Go, this is attached to an Inn rather than yourself, so you can use it when you are hanging out at an inn for 30min. It attracts Confoundables to you, and combined with step 3 can help you level up faster.

5. Battle as a group

Get your friends together and enter a fortress. You will have a greater chance at winning challengers. Especially if you all have different professions.

There you have it. Hopefully at least one of these will help you become an even better Wizards Unite player, and help solve the Calamity.

Wizards Unite: two weeks in

Wizards Unite is the new mobile app game by the Wizarding World corporation, the company that manages all of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts juggernaut franchises.

Wizards Unite is currently only available in Australia and NZ, giving the rest of the Potter world extreme FOMO. Developed by Niantic – the company behind Pokemon Go – and Portkey Games, the gaming developers for Wizarding World, it follows the same idea of Augmented Reality, giving you a chance to be a witch or wizard that has been recruited to maintain the Statute of Secrecy and protect the muggle world from ‘leaks’ of magic, known as the Calamity. More on this later.

This is what we learnt after playing for two weeks.

Warning – spoilers of major plotlines from the game below.

Wizards Unite map
It’s Harry!

Spell accuracy is less important than speed.

To collect the most XP per Confoundable, try tracing the spell quickly. Throw down a potion that can give you greater XP caught during a 30min period (Baruffio’s Brain elixir) or the Extimulo potion to improve your casting accuracy.

Amazing character design.

At night, vampires and centaurs emerge which you must battle. We are expecting werewolves the next time there is a full moon. Characters from the books and films bear an uncanny resemblance to the actors that play them.

Vampire oddity - Wizards UniteLuna Lovegood in Wizards Unite mobile game

Solving the overall mystery of the Calamity adds another layer to the game.

The overarching plot of the game as you cast back Confoundables to the wizarding world, is to find unveil clues (mysteries) to solve the mystery behind who caused the Calamity – which caused these leaks of magic into our world. Clues so far point to the cause of this being traced back to a wizard called Grim Fawley trying to bring back his wife after she was mysteriously killed as one of the London Five, a tragedy which struck and caused five witches and wizards to disappear.

Fortresses allow witches and wizards to fight together to collect coins 

Much like in Pokemon Go, Fortresses are like Gyms, but instead of battling each other, you battle against creatures and beasts to win gold coins, the main currency in the game – which can be bought via in-app purchases.

Collect spell energy from inns and ingredients from Greenhouses

Keep collecting spell energy as you are out and about, casting spells takes a lot out of you and not collecting spell energy could mean you could soon find yourself facing a Confoundable without the ability to cast a spell.

Where to find the game

The game is currently only available via Google Play and the App Store in Australia and NZ.