Apple announces ios7 and a new range of Macs

This morning as us Australians were sleeping, Apple held its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. (WWDC). This annual event is where Apple announces its new products and features for the year, it is so coveted that tickets to the event sold out in 71 seconds.

As reported in ABC’s WWDC live blog by Lauren Effron and Joanne Stern a range of new features are coming to our iPhones, iPods and iPads.

This operating system is known as ios7.

The updates are so huge that it will seem like you are getting a new iPhone, iPad or iPod.


If you are like me, you are already impatient about the wait to get ios7, however for now it is only available to developers. It will be available to the rest of us in the US Fall. Cue annoyed ‘I want it now’ face.

The next time you are asked to update the operating system on your mobile device you will get (assuming you have an iPhone 4, iPad or iPad Mini or iPod touch) these new features:

  • New look interface
  • A new look interface that is so unique and beautiful, you will want to cradle it. Assuming you don’t already do that. According to Forbes writer Anthony Forbes Kosner the new interface is “lushly colorful, subtly dimensional and exquisitely modern.”

  • New Control Center allowing short cuts to WiFi settings, better Multi tasking, Flashlight app and filters for Photos.
  • improvements to Siri
  • Password library known as Keychain where you can keep all your passwords securely
  • iTunes Radio
  • this is Apples answer to Spotify and Pandora, an online music streaming service, that is free with ads.

  • Apps will now update within the App Store and can you location services to suggest new apps near you.
  • New range of Mac Book Air laptops will be available and new Mac Book Pros are due out later this year.
  • For a complete list visit the ABC live blog

    What do you think of ios7?

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