5 DONTS of travelling with gadgets

1. Your ipad is NOT for taking photos on your holiday.

Yes, we know it has a camera on it – but that doesn’t mean it is for taking shots standing in front of the Leaning tower of Pisa or the Eiffel Tower, blocking the shots of everyone standing behind you. Plus, you are basically alerting any pickpocket within 50metres of you that you are:

a) a tourist

b) well-off enough to have an ipad, therefore have money.

c) not that tech savvy.

All making yourself a target for theft, or worse.

The only exception to this are the elderly or mature-aged travellers who may need the iPad to see attractions more clearly.

This must stop.

2. Hogging the powerpoints at the airport.

I get it. You forgot to charge your phone or laptop before you left the hotel. But that doesn’t mean you get to hog the powerpoint for hours while you wait for your plane to board – a 40% charge is enough, then move on so someone else can have a turn. Or better yet – buy a portable charger.

3. Say no to bum bags. To quote the TV Show ‘IT Crowd’, “Are you from the past?”

4. Don’t spend too much time taking selfies. Remember to put down the phone or camera, take a deep breath and soak in all the stimuli around you.

5. Up your Travel Insurance so it includes cover for your gadgets. There is nothing better than peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

Facebook Paper – is this Facebook’s next big thing?

Facebook’s announced it is releasing a new  mobile app that will allow users to view news feeds in a newspaper layout.

Stories will appear in full screen format – and without ads, distraction free.

Posts and photos will be split into sections including Headlines, Sport and even Cute – just in case you wanted somewhere to post all those ‘animals in fancy dress’ pics.

The free app will be available to download from Monday 3rd February 2014.

What Android users don’t understand about Apple

OK I am biased – as an Apple fangirl, I am content with my ecosystem involving all iGadgets – although I don’t own a mac….yet. Here are my thoughts on why Apple users are misunderstood by Android users.


With CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs.
With CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jobs’ mantra of “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” was the driving force behind Apple’s products. Even if you have never picked up an iPhone, the ios is so intuitivite that most pick it up and start using the phone, SMS and apps within minutes. Out of the box Apple products come with little or no instruction manual  – because they don’t need it.


Each time Apple releases a new operating system, the adoption rate or number of users that update their phones, far outstrips that of Android.

Fujitsu ARROWS-V F-04E.
Fujitsu ARROWS-V F-04E. (Photo credit: MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・))

App popularity

According to the infographic below, for every $1 spent on the Google Play App store, $2.45 is spent on the Apple App store. On the other hand, Google is catching up with more than 800,000 apps available as of March 2013, compared to 840,000 Apple apps.

by mostash.
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How about you? Are you an Apple user? What do you think makes it better than Android?