4 reasons why iPads are more popular than Android tablets

Three reasons why iPads are better than Android tablets:

1. Simplicity. The user interface and IOS is so simple that anyone from a toddler to your grandparents can use it for basic functions like displaying photos and games. So much so that the iPhone and iPad have opened up a whole new target market – children and the use of the devices as a game console. It is becoming more and more common to see kids sitting quietly in the corner with an iPad or iPhone. Check out how your mates kids use them next time you are out with them.
2. Variety of apps. The Apple tagline is not far from the truth. ‘There’s an app for that’. At last count the Apple App Store had more than 500,000 apps Google Play (Android market) has just over 400,000. Recent studies have shown that Apple customers are so closely locked into their Apple garden that as their credit card is linked to their account – they are willing to pay more for apps.
3. Sociability. If all your friends are using iPhones then its easier for you to share games, and new app recommendations.
4. Apple is cool. You can’t argue against the coolness of their marketing, TV ads an overall look and feel. Remember when those white ear phones were first released with iPods? People wore them as a badge of honour.

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