Apple announces ios7 and a new range of Macs

This morning as us Australians were sleeping, Apple held its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. (WWDC). This annual event is where Apple announces its new products and features for the year, it is so coveted that tickets to the event sold out in 71 seconds.

As reported in ABC’s WWDC live blog by Lauren Effron and Joanne Stern a range of new features are coming to our iPhones, iPods and iPads.

This operating system is known as ios7.

The updates are so huge that it will seem like you are getting a new iPhone, iPad or iPod.


If you are like me, you are already impatient about the wait to get ios7, however for now it is only available to developers. It will be available to the rest of us in the US Fall. Cue annoyed ‘I want it now’ face.

The next time you are asked to update the operating system on your mobile device you will get (assuming you have an iPhone 4, iPad or iPad Mini or iPod touch) these new features:

  • New look interface
  • A new look interface that is so unique and beautiful, you will want to cradle it. Assuming you don’t already do that. According to Forbes writer Anthony Forbes Kosner the new interface is “lushly colorful, subtly dimensional and exquisitely modern.”

  • New Control Center allowing short cuts to WiFi settings, better Multi tasking, Flashlight app and filters for Photos.
  • improvements to Siri
  • Password library known as Keychain where you can keep all your passwords securely
  • iTunes Radio
  • this is Apples answer to Spotify and Pandora, an online music streaming service, that is free with ads.

  • Apps will now update within the App Store and can you location services to suggest new apps near you.
  • New range of Mac Book Air laptops will be available and new Mac Book Pros are due out later this year.
  • For a complete list visit the ABC live blog

    What do you think of ios7?

    Got your first iPad? My list of favourite apps to get you started


    Apps to make you go WOW

    ShuffleR.FM – get hip with the latest music offerings before they hit the dreaded mainstream commercial radio stations. Thanks Claire for the recommendation.

    Cost: FREE

    This app is what pushed me over the line to buy the first iPad upon release and join the throngs of Apple geeks to wander the shopping centre, eagerly trying to find a store that had some in stock or would take my order. Simply put, Flipboard let’s you view your news in magazine format. This includes social media, so rather the standard facebook news feed, your Facebook news will appear as if it were a glossy lifestyle magazine, giving you the ability to zoom in and out of ‘stories’ (friends posts, photos etc). Not only that, but in the one app you can also view hundreds of other news including BBC, ABC, CNN and most other news site on the web. It’s no wonder that upon release there were such a huge demand that the flipboard server crashed from the weight.

    Cost: FREE

    GoSkyWatch Planetariuum
    Go Sky watch is cool if you want to check out star constellations. Simply hold the iPad up to the sky and it points out where they are all located, and you don’t even need to be outside to use it. Great for the kids too. Worth the price if you are a sky buff.

    Cost: FREE

    Quake watch
    As the name suggests this app shows a list of earthquakes and their scale in real time. You can search by location or size.

    Cost: $0.99

    National Geographic world atlas
    Study maps and countries in this beautifully designed app.

    Cost: $0.99

    Apps for work or study

    Pages, Numbers and keynote
    Nothing beats the apps designed by Apple itself, after all they did design the iPad! Looking for Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPad? Get to know their iPad equivalents: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. They each allow you to export Mac or PC file formats, are beautifully designed, although Numbers takes a bit of getting used to after being so familiar with the Excel toolbar. Available for both iPhone and iPad so if you are in a WiFi area, you can start a document on your iPad, the move to another room and finish it on your iPhone.

    Cost: $10.49

    Scan to PDF
    There are many apps that allow you to use your ipads camera as a scanner of documents. Take a pic of a document and converts to PDF and you can email it.

    Cost: Various

    Handy little app allows you to use the ipad to scribble your autograph and saves it as your signature for importing into documents.

    Cost: FREE


    The Kindle app allows you to view the ebooks from Amazon, however will need to purchase the ebooks on your Mac or PC first as the app doesn’t yet allow you to buy from it.

    Cost: FREE


    The Sydney morning herald app is slick, easy to use and for the moment free. It may soon feature a paid subscription as many publishers seek to regain revenue from falling print and advertising subscriptions.

    Cost: FREE

    Other great news apps include:
    Seven news
    Weather channel

    Cost: FREE

    Cook books

    Epicurious contains thousands of recipes
    Allergy free entertaining allows you to search recipes to cater for those of us that may be intolerant to gluten, lactose and other common food allergies.

    Cost: FREE

    Photo editing

    Adobe photoshop express

    Cost: FREE

    Photo loader for Facebook
    This app allows you to upload albums of photos at once to your Facebook, great when you are traveling and want to bulk upload your holiday pics.

    Cost: $1.99

    On the road

    Where is navigator and MetroView
    Giving you GPS capabilities

    Cost: Where is Navigator is FREE for iphone whilst MetroView is $14.99 for both iphone and ipad

    Fuel finda
    Find the closest petrol station when you need it most.

    Cost: FREE

    Sydney HD traffic
    Using feeds from live traffic cameras, this app shows major highway traffic conditions in Sydney, so you can plan your route before you leave work or home.

    Calculator FREE turns your iPad into a handy oversized calculator.

    Cost: FREE

    Battery app so you know how much juice you have

    Cost: FREE


    AVplayer and CineXPlayer allows you to (via itunes) import your home movies and videos onto your iPad turning it into a mobile cinema.

    Cost: $2.99 and $3.99

    I could go on as the list is endless.As the advertising suggests “there’s an app for that”

    Now if only you had time to use them all!