5 reasons why Flickr is better than Instagram


I am a convert. Again. Like a prodigal son I have returned to Flickr after years of wandering the plains of Instagram.

A first I was drawn to Instagram’s amaze filters and the easy to use iPhone app. However after recent news of Instagram’s privacy concerns which began 17 January 2013, and frustration over the inability to organizes my images, I logged back in to Flickr after reading about their new iPhone app, now including filters. Flickr greeted me like an old friend, and even congratulated me on my return with a present: a free upgrade for 3 months to its Premium account.

Here are my 5 reasons why Flick is better than Instagram

1. Ability to organise images
Photos can be organised into albums, known as sets and collections and assign tags to each. For example you can organize your summer photos into a ‘Summer’ collection and ‘sets’ by the year they are taken. In Instagram you simply have all your photos in your

2. Assign privacy settings by individual photo
You can assign different privacy settings for each photo. Instagram prefers are more ‘one size fits all’ approach.

3. Instagram uses the old square format
For more artistic users this makes your Instagram photos a more artistic feel of yesteryear. For the rest of us, the black bars that sometimes appear are frustrating. Flickr can accommodate the standard more rectangular pics that come from digital camera.

4. Organise your photos in batches.
Flickr lets you upload more than one photo at a time. You can update your photos in batches, so you can update privacy settings, tags and describe for multiple photos, rather than just one at a time like in Instagram.

5. Flexibility
You can’t deny the popularity of Instagram, with its millions of users it’s network of followers can not be ignored. But if you like your albums and like having different levels of privacy, consider Flickr.

What do you think about Flickr? Are you a convert or do you prefer Instagram?

If you are worried about having to start all over again on Flickr, never fear. There is a simple website called Free The Photos that moves all your Instagram photos to Flickr at the click of a button. All you need to so is sign in to both your Instagram and Flickr accounts. It couldn’t be simpler.

Tell us what you think!

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