5 Ways to avoid embarrassing yourself on Facebook

It was after reading this insightfully funny post by Jeff Bullas that prompted me to add more of my own to the list on how to avoid social media embarrassment.

1. Don’t like your own status. The act of updating your status infers to the world how you feel at that time. If you post a funny status and then ‘Like’ it, it is akin to laughing at your own joke, or patting yourself on the back after a good call at a party.

2. Keep the daily check-ins to a minimum. Your friends don’t need to know each time you leave the house – spare their news feed. Exceptions to this rule include when you are on a pub crawl or wine tasting tour, as in those cases it is good to have evidence the next day of your whereabouts, as you most likely wont remember yourself.

3. Keep your page security tight. Many recruitment companies and organizations perform background checks on a candidates social pages prior to employing them. Your future boss does not need to see photos of you looking blearily eyed at the camera whilst being escorted out of a bar. Click on the ‘Privacy’ link on the top right corner of your Facebook page and under ‘Who can see my stuff?’ make sure it is set so that only ‘Friends’ can view your posts.

4. Don’t publicize a feud. Posting hate comments about your ex best friend or boyfriend may be entertaining for the rest of us but is embarrassing for you. Some conversations are best left to more traditional, offline channels ie over the phone or in person.

5. Don’t drunk Facebook. We not only need to avoid drunk dialing these days. Avoid posting or commenting when under the influence as it will be there for all to see long before you sober up.

Have I left anything out? Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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