5 reasons why you should upgrade your Hotmail to Outlook.com

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On Tuesday Microsoft launched its new web mail service, Outlook.com, using its decades of experience to bring its tried and tested features to a clean, more aesthetically pleasing interface. Hotmail was looking quite ancient compared to the coolness of Gmail, and Outlook.com is looking to even up the score. Hotmail users can voluntarily upgrade to Outlook.com whilst still keeping all contacts and emails, all within seconds and at the click of a button. But why upgrade?

1. Slick, easy to use interface makes it far more efficient to get around your account. It also boasts 30% more messages visible in your inbox.

2. Attaching photos is so much easier. Photos load faster and sit at the top of your email message as thumbnails, of there are too many to fit in your screen then you can scroll across to view them once they are uploaded. Whatsmore, you can resize photos after they attach, so that if you see the email size reaching gargantuan proportion, you can make them smaller without the bother of starting all over again. You can also edit word and excel attachments without leaving your inbox.

3. No more spam, for now. Upgrading to outlook.com means you have the opportunity of registering a new email address with the Outlook.com domain. This means no spam, for time being at least. And if you are fast enough you may be able to register your unique name without adding embarrassing nick names or numbers at the end.

4. No visible ads. Whilst you have the option to toggle these on or off, unlike its Gmail counterpart they are visibly absent.

5. Your friends are a click away. The new system has social integration which means you can incorporate your Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn friends into the account so you can interact with them without leaving outlook.com. Skype is also integrated.

Check out a preview here.

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