The Smiling Bilby

A passion project complete. During the start of the pandemic I started writing a children’s ebook, and with the delightful illustrations from my friend @mathiasdraws it has come to life.

The Smiling Bilby is available on Apple Books. Also available on Kindle

Facebook Images Cheat Sheet for Marketers

Managing images and photos for your company social media channels can be tricky at times. Each channel has its own set of dimensions and rules and keeping up with them can be time-consuming.

Facebook recently changed the rules for Page Admins making it easier for marketers to utilise their company cover image so that it includes up to 20% text – making it a powerful tool for promotion of your next marketing campaign or product release.

LUCIO DIAS RIBEIRO  of Marketing Easy has posted a useful infographic with all the image sizes/dimensions for different types of Facebook posts. It was created by the Online Circle Digital Creative Team.

Check it out below and here.
Facebook Sizes and Dimensions Cheat Sheet 2013
Facebook Sizes and Dimensions Cheat Sheet 2013

How Facebook can help get your holiday rental business noticed online

For a small business to thrive online, customers need to be aware that you exist. You may have a company website with the right keywords, fresh content and all the SEO optimization present, but that will only get you so far.

As consumers, we want brands to come to us, we no longer need to visit a company website for company news, brands are on Facebook, and for the 11.7million Facebook users in Australia, the majority use Facebook to get news from their favourite brands.


Nowadays customers are not only doing all their holiday research and bookings online, but they also use referrals by friends in their social network as a way to determine which accommodation they choose. Include testimonials by past guests on your website and in your Facebook posts. Post updated photos of your holiday rental and surrounding areas, particularly in the summer months when you can show them off!

Holiday rentals are using Facebook Pages to stay in the minds of past and future guests. Post content about that local events such as markets or festivals and give special ‘Facebook only’ discounts during off peak periods.

By setting up a Facebook page for your small business you are also directing more traffic back to your website where customers can complete the transaction or find out more info.

How are you using Facebook to promote your holiday rental?