Hashtags now work the way they were meant to on Facebook

Hashtags have arrived on Facebook.

As mentioned on The Social Media Hat, Facebook recently made an announcement that they will be rolling out the feature to users in the coming weeks. Up until now hashtags appeared as plain text in Facebook and were not able to be used to group search results by keyword or topic.

Hashtags now work the way they were meant to. Enter hashtags in the search bar
Hashtags now work the way they were meant to. Enter hashtags in the search bar

What this means

When you type a search by keyword or hashtag (for example #stateoforigin) in the Search bar in Facebook it groups together all the public posts from Facebook Pages and Profiles into one search listing – you need to make sure the hashtag already exists, so once you see someone use a hashtag you can click on it or type a new search. You can also find hashtags that are trending on Twitter or Google +.

What about my private posts, will they show up when someone searches using a hashtag?

In short no. Any posts that you set to private or viewable only by your Friends, will continue to be only viewable by your network. Only Public posts will appear when someone you don’t know searches on Facebook using a hashtag.

Try it today and see how it helps you find out what fellow Facebook users think about a particular topic or event.


Can’t find your pin? New Pinterest feature allows you to search your boards

This week sees a new feature added to Pinterest. You can now search your own pins.

According to this weeks entry on the Pinterest Blog, a filter has been added to the search bar called ‘Just my pins’, allowing you to search your pins for that elusive recipe or infographic that you posted  a while ago.

To make use of this new feature, start typing in the search bar and then click on the ‘Just my pins’ filter.

Trying to find that DIY article or recipe? Use the new feature to bring it up fast.

It is being rolled out to the mobile site later this month, and is currently available on the desktop version.

How will you be using the new feature to search your own pins?