How social media can bring our footy stars closer than ever

You can be connected to your favourite sports team both at the game and online. Using social media is becoming more and more important to raising a rugby league players profile – although it does come with risks,  recent news stories featuring players indiscretions displayed online are becoming more and more common.

However there are many positives.

Lets look at they ways in which social media helps our footy stars.

  1. Building the brand of each player helps get them much-needed exposure. Let’s face it, being a rugby league player at the highest level can bring 10-15 years shelf life. During that time sponsorship can bring additional income, and social media can raise a players profile -both in positive and negative ways.
  2. Many players have their own Twitter profile which provides followers with up to date news feed on their training and social outings between games. You no longer need to wait for game day to see your favourite player – a continuous stream of pictures and posts are available for you to read anytime you like.
  3. Preparation for post-footy life. Social media brings out a players personality. Those that are well suited for commentary or regular media spots are more likely to also shine online – having a social media profile can help get players these kind of roles once they hang up their boots for good. Nothing like preparing for retirement.
  4. Fan posts can make or break you. Players that are attentive with fans, take time to stop, take photos and sign autographs, will have their good deeds spread via social. Conversely irritated fans use social media to air their grievances if players are not performing, leave for other clubs, or worse still, as a means to bully or post harsh  comments.
  5. Many clubs including Canterbury Bulldogs, use social media to connect with fans and provide live score updates during each game, and to raise the profile of community work and fan initiatives.
Ben Barba experiences alleged racial slur via social media – photo courtesy of

How do you think social media is helping bring our footy stars close to fans?

A sense of community – Bulldogs guest post

The Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs, or known as the doggies or Bulldogs to fans, is a team in the National Rugby League (NRL) Competition in Australia.

I have been a Bulldogs member for the last five years and have enjoyed the atmosphere at the home games. I first started following the Bulldogs when I was in primary school in the mid 80’s (Yes I am that old) and remember my school replacing the Austalian flag on the flag pole with the Bulldogs jersey as they had made it through to the grand final. Since that time, and because the team colours included my favourite colour blue, I have been a fan.

Chuffed to have had my post published on the Bulldogs rugby league club site.

Bulldogs fan blog 26.3.13 by Antonina Cocilovo