Random thoughts of a casual traveller

As I sit at Sydney international airport I can’t help but see how far tech-toys have become ‘the norm’ when it comes to the casual traveller – those that travel overseas once every few years.

Spanning the terminal, the tables are awash with gadgets: tablets are so 2011, macs and assorted laptops are now taking up the space that was once adorned by travel diaries, notebooks and giant video cameras. As I am writing this the gentlemen sitting across from me wearing some sort of ‘metal shirt’ is watching cute animals on YouTube.

What did I pack gadget-wise for my trip to the US?

Mac – I am a mac virgin, having only jumped off the PC wagon 6 months ago, and have not looked back. Having never travelled with a laptop,  I was a bit nervous but so far the free airport wifi works like a dream.

GoPro – another newbie to this gadget – consider it an impulse purchase as a half hearted attenpt to convince myself that I can make even a theme park look as bad-ass as heli-skiing. Will see how that goes!

iPad, iPod and iPhone -I need my playlists, ebooks and social media accounts – what can I say?

Oh and I almost forgot to pack my compact digital camera – it is with me now but I am not sure how often I will use it when I can pull out the iPhone 5.

Maybe this casual traveller has become a little too ‘connected’ to city life. Is this normal? What will you pack for your next casual getaway?