Fight like a girl: why the Wonder Woman movie is so badass

The Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman movie has given us a superhero that is refreshingly compassionate and has a certain innocence to counterbalance her superhuman strength and fighting skills.

What struck me the most about the 2017 self-titled blockbuster is that it’s fight scenes ar so delightfully stunning  – from the opening scene on ‘Paradise Island’ with the all-female Amazon warriors that remind me of a female ‘300’.


The three main reasons I loved this movie is that it gives a refreshing take on the superhero genre.

Compassion and humanity.

Diana shows us a superhero that has far more humanity than we normally see on screen. She weeps for the village that she had previously saved only to have them killed by a poisonous gas bomb, she throws herself into battle to protect the good of mankind.

Sticking to her guns.

One of the inspiring scenes in the movie is when Diana defies Steve to cross ‘No Mans Land’. She sticks to her belief that it is important to save lives and protect the innocent people who are being caught in the crossfire.



Battling the patriarchal label that men are stronger and able to fight better than women. A large component of the first half of the movie is spent with the Amazon warriors all female utopia, and you don’t even notice that there is not a male in sight, they are supportive of each other in battle and in society.

It has all paid off. Moviegoers are liking what they see – the movie has broken box office records and taken in $103 million in its opening weekend and the largest by a female director – fighting like a girl has paid off.

Why we all wish we had a minion

  1. They have amazing dance moves.

  2. They are available for parties.

  3. They have awesome pick up lines.

  4. They always clean up after themselves.

  5. They are just as easily distracted by a sale as the rest of us.

  6. They are ready to help in an emergency.

Check out the Minions trailer.