This Chrome app inspires and keeps you driven towards a daily goal

I was first drawn to Momentum when I saw the picturesque background photos that rotate daily along with an inspirational quote. Momentum does one thing well, simply put, it is a to-do list that sits on your Chrome browser so that the first thing you see each time you open a new tab, is your main focus for the day.

Momentum Chrome App
Source: Momentum Chrome App may get you through your To Do list faster

It replaces the standard white Google Chrome tab and is known by its creator, Levi Bucsis, as your ‘personal dashboard’.

If that stops you from opening up Facebook and getting distracted away from your tasks, than it has done its job.

Download it free at the Chrome Web Store.

Nerd alert: Google maps takes on the world of Tolkien

English: Dol Guldur, fortress of the Dark Lord...
English: Dol Guldur, fortress of the Dark Lord Sauron. Česky: Dol Guldur, pevnost Temného pána Saurona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just when all the Tolkien fans thought they had had their fill of The Hobbit, Google provides fans with a chance to travel through different locations from The Hobbit in the form of an interactive map.

The map can be views on smartphone, tablet or PC. Users can journey through Rivendell, Trollshaws and Dol Guldur with more locations to be made available in the future.

Check it out here.

From inside on of the hobbit holes, on locatio...
From inside on of the hobbit holes, on location at the Hobbiton set, as used in the Lord of the Rings films. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hashtags now work the way they were meant to on Facebook

Hashtags have arrived on Facebook.

As mentioned on The Social Media Hat, Facebook recently made an announcement that they will be rolling out the feature to users in the coming weeks. Up until now hashtags appeared as plain text in Facebook and were not able to be used to group search results by keyword or topic.

Hashtags now work the way they were meant to. Enter hashtags in the search bar
Hashtags now work the way they were meant to. Enter hashtags in the search bar

What this means

When you type a search by keyword or hashtag (for example #stateoforigin) in the Search bar in Facebook it groups together all the public posts from Facebook Pages and Profiles into one search listing – you need to make sure the hashtag already exists, so once you see someone use a hashtag you can click on it or type a new search. You can also find hashtags that are trending on Twitter or Google +.

What about my private posts, will they show up when someone searches using a hashtag?

In short no. Any posts that you set to private or viewable only by your Friends, will continue to be only viewable by your network. Only Public posts will appear when someone you don’t know searches on Facebook using a hashtag.

Try it today and see how it helps you find out what fellow Facebook users think about a particular topic or event.