Some questions to ask before we try to move on from Game of Thrones Season 5

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones.

While we all lick our wounds after that devastating finale last week of the show that likes to mess with our favourite characters,  lets pause for a moment, put down that tissue – SPOILERS, (come back Jon Snow), and take stock of where some of the other characters are whose plots have been cast aside and abandoned until – looking at you GOT TV writers – season 6.

Where is Margaery?

The last time we saw her she was accused by the High Sparrow and his band of merry men in robes of lying and for being an accessory to the crimes of her brother. The High Sparrow put her in a cell beneath the Sept of Baelor where she is awaiting trial. Will we see her in season 6?

What will Sam do when he finds out Jon Snow is dead?

Sam has ridden off into the sunset with Gilly. His best mate Jon Snow has been assasinated, Julius Caesar style by his Watch. When will he find out? Will he rediscover his courage and enact revenge on his Brothers?

And did Jon Snow actually die? Or will he be reincarnated into his direwolf, appropriately named Ghost, or even reappear in Season 6 as the tree Bran is currently hiding under?

If Social Media was like Games of Thrones it would look like this

In the cult TV Show Game of Thrones the Iron Throne is up for grabs, leading to five competing clans or families to fight for the right to rule it all. The social media landscape is the same – except with less incest and bloodshed. Sort of.

This clever infographic from HootSuite gives a historical snapshot of how recent events between all the social media giants including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest would look if it occurred within the Game of Thrones landscape.

Thankfully there is no Joffrey in sight.

Joffrey - Game of Thrones Image credit - Game of Thrones Wikia.
Joffrey – Game of Thrones
Image credit – Game of Thrones Wikia.

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