A sense of community – Bulldogs guest post

The Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs, or known as the doggies or Bulldogs to fans, is a team in the National Rugby League (NRL) Competition in Australia.

I have been a Bulldogs member for the last five years and have enjoyed the atmosphere at the home games. I first started following the Bulldogs when I was in primary school in the mid 80’s (Yes I amĀ that old) and remember my school replacing the Austalian flag on the flag pole with the Bulldogs jersey as they had made it through to the grand final. Since that time, and because the team colours included my favourite colour blue, I have been a fan.

Chuffed to have had my post published on theĀ Bulldogs rugby league club site.

Bulldogs fan blog 26.3.13 by Antonina Cocilovo