14 years of Big Brother around the world [Infographic]

With the 10th season of Big Brother kicking off in Australia to have graced our shores (excluding the ill fated Celebrity Big Brother), it is time to reflect on the TV juggernaut across the globe.

The below infographic by Dan Sullivan highlights some interesting statistics on the show at an international level including:


  • 3,885 individual housemates have appeared on Big Brother across 40 countries



  • The prize money in the US version of the show is double that of Australia’s prize money.
  • Germany boasts the most number of housemates in one season – 59 housemates! (That is a lot of nudity, posing and mind numbing chatter)Source: http://visual.ly/big-brother-breakdown
    Big Brother Breakdown


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[Infographic] How to increase Facebook followers

Want to increase your Facebook followers?

This interesting infographic by KISSmetrics points out how the types of content you post on Facebook can boost the number of followers to your page.

Some interesting points:

  • The number of times that you post to your Facebook page each week can lead to a 71% increase in followers.
  • Shorter posts generate higher engagement
  • Photos generate 53% more Likes

Check out the full infographic below.

If Social Media was like Games of Thrones it would look like this

In the cult TV Show Game of Thrones the Iron Throne is up for grabs, leading to five competing clans or families to fight for the right to rule it all. The social media landscape is the same – except with less incest and bloodshed. Sort of.

This clever infographic from HootSuite gives a historical snapshot of how recent events between all the social media giants including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest would look if it occurred within the Game of Thrones landscape.

Thankfully there is no Joffrey in sight.

Joffrey - Game of Thrones Image credit - Game of Thrones Wikia.
Joffrey – Game of Thrones
Image credit – Game of Thrones Wikia.

Full article is here.